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Susan 57, London England
I was feeling really weary all autumn, and decided I had to do something as I just couldn’t go on like this. Therefore, I began taking food supplements, including Go3+. In addition, I made some dietary changes such as avoidance of wheat and some other foods which I turned out to be sensitive to. I feel much, much better now, but in all fairness it’s difficult to pinpoint the relative contributions of, for example, the different supplements. However, I intend to continue with G03+, because the active ingredients are known for many health benefits, including preventing age related diseases (03/16)


John 43, Manchester UK
As a fitness instructor and vegetarian, I’m already pretty much on top of the vitality curve. I cannot say I’ve noticed any difference. On the other hand I haven’t experienced any negative effects whatsoever. But who knows, in 5-10 years, Go3+ might well be the thing for me! (05/15)


Simon, 56, Antwerp Belgium
I had promised Judy [spouse] to quit smoking on her Birthday, which was two weeks after I started Go3+. For the next couple of weeks I was irritable to say the least, and therefore I can’t really provide a fair assessment. Judy, on the other hand is head-over-heals with her experience. So if OK, I’d like to volunteer for a new trial? (06/15)


Bengt 63, Stockholm Sweden
Wow, I feel so much more alive! Even colleagues at work notice the difference. Not only do I sleep better, but also I’ve begun to cycle to work and shaved off my first two kilograms. I have already placed a new order. THANKS! (06/15)


Judy 56, Antwerp Belgium
My girl friends are begging me to let me on my little secret. “You look great and seem so exuberant”. Even some of the men at work are beginning to turn heads :-). Remains to get Simon [spouse] on-board now that he has stopped smoking. (06/15)

Raul 61, Madrid Spain I’m well into my 3rd month and can honestly say that I have become more relaxed and more focussed. Before I easily got stressed, especially if there were several tasks/deadlines involved. Now I feel that I am in control and can concentrate, and as a consequence have become more efficient (11/15)

Carmen 59, Marbella Spain
It’s tough being a secondary level teacher (E.S.O.) in a non-privileged part of town: Long working hours, noisy classrooms, non-participating parents etcetera. I was seriously considering asking for early retirement. But now, even though it’s examination time and all, I have decided to give the autumn a new chance. I would like to think it’s my daily capsule that has recharged my batteries. Thanks Raul for asking me to Go3+! (06/15, transl.)


Andrew 66, Birmingham UK
I’m really glad I ordered two bottles because the effect kicked in day 47-48. I had been working long hours, went to the pub, and typically me I had one too many. The next morning I was surprised to feel a lot better than I deserved. Since that day I just feel overall more energetic and alert, and the only explanation I have is Go3+ (11/15)


Kurt 61, Leipzig Germany
Both Isabelle and I would like to add that over-and-above an overall energy boost, our love life has also benefited. Hope it’s OK to mention this “positive side effect”! (05/15)


Mary 49, Leeds UK
My parents who are in their mid 80’s are reasonably fit for their age, but are both a bit slower in terms of alertness and remembering things. However, after six weeks of Go3+ their mental status has definitely improved. For example, they have begun to play scrabble again and do the Sunday Crossword that they haven’t done for more than a year now. They also seem happier and interested in my well-being too. The improvement has made a real difference in our lives! (07/15)


Peter 60, Gothenburg Sweden
I can hardly believe this is the new me! (10/15)