CoQ10 & NADH like “spark plugs & fuel” for Mitochondria

CoQ10* and NADH* are found in all human cells.

They are both referred to as coenzymes as they speed up the rate at which chemical reactions take place in the cells of our bodies. These reactions are mediated by specialised proteins called enzymes.

The human body sources CoQ10 and NADH from the body’s own synthesis as well as from the foods we eat. They are thus naturally occurring nutrients.

These coenzymes have an essential role in the production of energy in our cells via the Electron Transport Chain in the intracellular ”powerhouses” called mitochondria by which electrons from NADH are carried through this Chain by CoQ10. In the process chemical energy in the form of ATP* is formed. The captured energy is subsequently used by enzymes in the many cellular processes of our bodies.

Each capsule of Go 3+ contains 300 mg CoQ10 and 5 mg NADH.

Molecular structure of NADH

Molecular structure of CoQ10

There are numerous dietary supplements on the market containing NADH and/or CoQ10 in dosages typically ranging from 5-20 mg and 30-300 mg, respectively. However, none of these have the unique Go 3+ formulation with PQQ.

*Coenzyme Q10

*Nicotine Adenine Dinucleotide

*Adenosine triphosphate

Go 3+

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