PQQ – natures contribution
to health and longevity

Never heard of it? It’s high time to take advantage of this remarkable nutrient at the forefront of research in the area of anti-ageing.

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Go 3+ with PQQ NADH CoQ10 is designed to boost energy – mental as well as physical – and promote anti-ageing.

The principle active ingredient of Go 3+ is pyrroloquinoline quinone, abbreviated PQQ.

PQQ is a powerful anti-oxidant that not only protects, but also stimulates the regeneration of mitochondria, the powerhouses of our cells.

This is particularly important as the number of mitochondria diminish significantly as we get older.

Simon, 56, Tel-Aviv Israel
I had promised Judy [spouse] to quit smoking on her Birthday, which was two weeks after I started Go3+. For the next couple of weeks I was irritable to say the least, and therefore I can’t really provide a fair assessment. Judy, on the other hand is head-over-heals with her experience. So if OK, I’d like to volunteer for a new trial? (06/15)

John 43, Manchester UK
As a fitness instructor and vegetarian, I’m already pretty much on top of the vitality curve. I cannot say I’ve noticed any difference. On the other hand I haven’t experienced any negative effects whatsoever. But who knows, in 5-10 years, Go3+ might well be the thing for me! (05/15)

Mary 49, Leeds UK
My parents who are in their mid 80’s are reasonably fit for their age, but are both a bit slower in terms of alertness and remembering things. However, after six weeks of Go3+ their mental status has definitely improved. For example, they have begun to play scrabble again and do the Sunday Crossword that they haven’t done for more than a year now. They also seem happier and interested in my well-being too. The improvement has made a real difference in our lives! (07/15)

Bengt 63, Stockholm Sweden
Wow, I feel so much more alive! Even colleagues at work notice the difference. Not only do I sleep better, but also I’ve begun to cycle to work and shaved off my first two kilograms. I have already placed a new order. THANKS! (06/15)